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Spring Boating, Here We Come!

Spring is here, which means warmer weather and plenty of great opportunities to get your boat back out on the water. But not so fast. Before you fire up your engine and set out on your next voyage, you’ll need to take care of a few boat service items first. Remember, your boat has been on ice for months, which means you’ve got to make sure everything is in good working order.

Fortunately, Cape Charles Yacht Center is your one-stop shop for spring commissioning services. We can provide the services and support you need to get your boat ready for the new season. On that note, let’s explore some spring commissioning services we can help you check off your list.

Boat Maintenance Basics

At Cape Charles Yacht Center, we always recommend starting with the basics so you can ensure your vessel isn’t dead in the water. Charge your battery, as it might be low or dead after sitting idle all winter, and plug in the battery at least 24 hours before you plan to set sail.

Think your battery might be due for a replacement? Bring it over to our shop and let one of our professionals test it for you. They’ll let you know if it can still deliver some juice or if you need a new one. 

Next, check your fuel and fluid levels. Make sure you’ve got plenty of fuel to get you to your destination and safely back to Cape Charles Yacht Center. If you notice you are low on fuel, call our team and they will happily get bulk fuel available for you to fill up on-site. Check your engine oil, power trim reservoirs, coolant level, and power steering fluid too.

Give all your hoses and wires a once over. If any belts, wires, or hoses are damaged, replace them immediately. Check the condition of your impeller, too. If you are hauling your vessel, don’t forget to inspect your boat trailer to ensure the lights are working properly. 

Time for Some Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning isn’t just something you do at home. It’s a great habit for boat captains, too. Use a mild detergent to cleanse the exterior of your boat. Apply some fresh wax to protect the hull against grime and debris, and clean up the seats using an approved cleaner.

If you were in a rush as winter set in, your boat might be a bit disorganized and cluttered. Make sure you put everything back in its proper place and remove any unnecessary items from the vessel. Keeping the storage compartments and walkways neat and obstruction-free promotes a safer, more enjoyable boating experience. 

**At Cape Charles we can get your boat in and out in a week with basic bottom paint & waxing. Our outboard spring services include -

  • gear lube change

  • oil change

  • fuel filter replacement

  • water pump (every other year)

Check All Your Gear

One of the most important spring commission services involves inspecting and replacing safety gear. Start with your life jackets! Ensure that you’ve got enough on board for everyone and that they are in good working order. Also, check the fit of your life jackets before departing.

Look over your safety container and verify that it has all of the basics, such as flares, flashlights, a fire extinguisher, and a first-aid kit. Remember, the container needs to be waterproof. Ideally, it should also float. 

You are just about ready to set sail, however, now is a great time to check your boat insurance and registration to ensure they are both valid. You don’t want an insurance or registration issue to disrupt your first Spring voyage. 

Need Help With Spring Commissioning Services? We’ve Got You Covered

Cape Charles Yacht Center provides a wide range of in-house spring commission services, including:

  • Diesel engine repairs and rebuilds by a certified Diesel Mechanic

  • Gas engine repairs and rebuilds by a certified Merc Cruiser Mechanic

  • Outboard engine repairs by a certified Mercury &OMC Mechanic

  • Marine electrical work by a certified electrician

  • Marine electronic repairs by a certified professional

  • Marine HVAC repairs by a certified professional

  • Engine alignment

  • Boat trailer repairs

  • Bottom Sanding & Painting 

  • Hull re-painting

  • Fiberglass repairs

  • & MORE!

All of our technicians are certified and highly experienced, so you can enjoy peace of mind when trusting us with your boat maintenance. We have team members who hold diesel, Yamaha, Mercury, OMC, marine HVAC, and marine electrician certifications. 

Don’t wait until spring is in full swing to get your vessel trip-ready. Connect with Cape Charles Yacht Center today and book your service.

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